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Best Multi-server configuration for tapes and storage on different servers?


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I am planning to move my primary storage server to be a virtualized server with the storage on iSCSI. I have already made the move to iSCSI, but am currently still running on the physical box with my backup disk drives and tape drives. The tape drives and backup drives are staying on the physical server.


What is my best method for configuring Retrospect Multi-server with my new setup? I have found backing up remote volumes onto local storage to be much slower than backing up local volumes onto remote storage. This would suggest I should run most of my backups from Retrospect running on the virtualized server. However, I am not aware of any support for tape drives to be located on a client, so that means I need to run tape backups from the physical box pointing at remote volumes.


The majority of what I do with the tape drive is to copy backup sets stored on disk. Can I connect a disk backup set to retrospect on both servers, so that I can add to it from the virtual server, and copy it to tape from the physical server?

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