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backup strategy with Cloud storage


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Retrospect 7.6 Express for Windows

Windows 7 home premium

iDrive 5.0 for cloud storage


Ive tried several of the 'cloud backup' services. Mozy wont support NAS shares. iDrive takes way to long to analyze what needs to be backed up. So I thought id try a hybred approach:


Backup strategy:

Retrospective Daily backups of the My Documents and other various directories, using separate backup sets to an Iomega Home Media NAS Drive.

iDrive Nightly backups of the Retrospect catalog folder as well as the Root Retrospect folder on the NAS Drive (so all the various backup sets get backed up)


This way, if my NAS device with the backup sets dies I have the backup sets and catalogs backed up to the “cloud”.


Is this a viable strategy?


I know people ping pong between backup sets when using tape to eliminate bad media, but with backing up to NAS and then to the cloud, is there any disadvantage in just continuing to only update changed files through progressive backups?

The manual and white paper suggest new backup sets every so often, but im not sure the of point.

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