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Updating scripts after transferring backup sets


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Hi, I've been using retrospect in a limited way for a while now, and I think I might be missing something fundamental in trying some more involved things..


Currently, my scripts backup to backup sets located on a small nas. The nas is getting old and has a limit on the size of disks (wont accept disks bigger than 2tb). So now I'm trying to upgrade the nas and the disks, (and re purpose the old disks for something else entirely)


I've transferred the old backup sets to new backup sets on the new disks already, but I'm not sure on how to tell retrospect that the scripts should look for and continue progressive backups to those now.. I feel like I've simply cloned the sets rather than clone and relink. Transferring snapshots just sounds like the same thing too.


Will adding the new backup set and removing the old one in the script just do this automatically?

Or is the only solution to add the new disk as a member to the old backup set, and then forget the old disk members (losing access to the old snapshots).



I noticed a similar question here, but not being able to relink them seems to be a security feature..



Thanks ahead for any light cast on this :)


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