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Retrospect 8 upgrade from 7.7 error message Assertion failure at "grx.cpp-1089"


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...grooming jobs run and then I get the Assertion failure at "grx.cpp-1089"


I received this error the first time I tried grooming after upgrading to Retrospect 8. So I rebuilt my catalog, tried grooming again, and got the same error! Any other suggestions?


I never encountered this on version 7.7, which I have used successfully for over 2 years...


Edit: Additionally, I cannot even view the properties of the affected Backup Set once this error has occurred. When I try to, I get an error message -2259 (incomplete grooming detected). Looks like I'll be rebuilding it a second time :(

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I also have problems with this error after Update vom 7.7 to 8.0. My difficulty was, that Retrospect start automaticly with grooming after a start, so I didn't had the chance to stop this job and retrospect crashes everytime after a few seconds.


At first, I decided to reinstall the software, but then I tried to use the old config77.bak. And really, this works better, because the grooming-job didn't start any more. So I also rebuild now the catalogue. Hope this will work.


Please Retrospect Team, catch this exception an make the Programm to continue in a better way. This crash wasn't good. Thanks!

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