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rules: how does "is like" operate work?

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can anyone point me to a document or support article or past forum thread that will tell me about how to use the "is like" operator?


i see that rules includes "is like" as a matching operator. i gather that this is supposed to be a pattern or regex type match. the existence of "is like" is mentioned in the Retrospect 8 User Guide, but the specifics are not documented - for example, whether it expects "standard" regexp syntax in the pattern or something else.


i am looking into the use of rules to better partition my backups according to the backup-related properties. so for example, i might have separate media sets to handle photos/music vs. other stuff in users' doc directories vs. the non-user directory contents of machines.


i can't find any user manual for v9 or v10 of retrospect. the v8 manual, as i indicated, does mention rules (seemingly based on selectors of retrospect v6), but does not cover "is like" (unless i missed it).



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