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version 10 comments (background app is expensive; docs)

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Just talked to Retrospect and they are aware that Macs have an issue with the .ini edit. They are working on a fix.


They also know that the high CPU% is a problem and they work to resolve that.


As to the sudo adjustment, they confirm that this only disables scanning AND that one can still backup as we did in 9 and earlier.



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Just modify the retro_isa.ini file as proposed earlier:



Save it and - this is now essential - make it protectd via the information menu (e.g.). The file icon will then display a small lock. Then kill the RetroISA process. It will restart, but behave like other nice processes consuming only a little bit CPU. (In case of doubt restart your Mac.) As the protection does not allow any change to the ini file StartRetroISA reamins with 0 value.


Be careful: If you make changes that might effect the ini file you first must remove the protection using the info menu (or force owerwrite otherwise).

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It  is it slow.  10 GB of data from a WIndows client can take 90 minutes, most of it spent building the snapshot - ridiculous.  Version 8 was even worse.  The grooming is so seriously messed up, that feature is almost useless.  Endless problems with corrupt catalogs, failed verifications, lost data, failed copies, cryptic error messages, and no rhyme or reason to it.  Automatic scripts refuse to run under an assigned user name - support has no answers and the documentation just says it should work - dream on.  I have used Retrospect faithfully for over 20 years - I think I may still have a version 2 lying around somewhere.  I have spent thousands of dollars on this software, but my backup drives and I can't take any more of this abuse.  The Windows Multiserver version has the same problems - possibly worse.  My support ticket has been escalated to engineering.  I am not holding my breath.  This has been going on for months and months. So much for the maintenance agreement.  Good old Mac version 6 ran for years and years with not a care or an error - I know - it didn't even do grooming on compressed sets - life was good.  The Mac OS (or Windows) has not gotten any simpler - but if anyone thinks Retrospect 10 is supposed to improve our digital life and painlessly help guard against loss of ever increasing amounts of data, think again.  It really is a heartbreak.  The company is finally in the hands of the employees, some of whom have worked on this product for longer than I have been a user, and the software I used to swear by is now more often than not the object of a different kind of swearing.  What a bummer.


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10 GB of data from a WIndows client can take 90 minutes, most of it spent building the snapshot

When building the snapshot, Retrospect saves the metadata (such as permissions etc) for EVERY file on the client, not just the backed up files. (If it didn't save all metadata, Retrospect can't restore the client to the state the client had at the time of the backup,)


So if the client has millions of files (or has very slow disks), the time is to be expected.

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