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Fastest Backup to tape performance possible?

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Can anyone know let me know the best backup performance to tape they have achived with retrospect 9.


Im running V8.2 using MacPro, SAS LTO5 + dual 4Gb fibre SAN source. Best I see is about 60MB/s using retrospect.


Evaluating Prestore + Bru on the same hardware I was seeing 120-140MB/s to tape.


Retrospect V8 IS the bottleneck.


Is V9 any faster?

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With drives and backups getting ever larger, I've all but given up on retrospect as a future backup/archive platform.


And to think I have been using it since Mac os 8.6!


I would love to hear from the manufacturers about this one - but they have failed to respond on multiple occasions.


Its like they know something....

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