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Backup exchange 2010 mailboxes


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hello !

in my company, we will migrate to exchange 2010 (Standard edition) at the end of november 2012.

so i have few weeks to understand this new product.


About backup, i use retrospect for Win v7.7.620 (64bit), i own enough licence to backup mailboxes and BDD exchange 2003-2010.

i managed to backup and restore databases.


But i did not managed to :

1/ see any mailboxes (as you can see in my attached file). i have already about 10 mailboxes created, fot test until end of november.

2/ and the i would like to backup mailboxes.

3/ i would not have to restore a full DB into find only one mailbox, if you se what i mean (sorry for my english).


did i miss something ?

thanks for your reply.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i finally managed to install the 8.0 release of retrospect multi server for Win => 8.0.0 (199)

it doesn't solve my backup problem, and it's seems to be worst, i do not see anymore my BDD !

i am wondering about retrospect software quality to backup Exchange database and mailboxes....

Do you have also troubles ?

thanks for your reply.

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Something similar happened to me. I have Exchange 2007 SP3 which has been backed up by Retrospect 7.7.620 fow a few months now.


I tried the new Retrospect 8 and in the Volumes section after clicking on the Exchange server client and confirming to use the Exchange Add-on license, no mailboxes show and no DB neither.


Further more, after that I am unable to successfully register the Exchange as volume even if I try with Retrospect 7.7.620 (which worked fine so far).


Did the intention to "register" it on Retrospect 8 mess up something on the server side so that even 7.7.620 doesn't read it now? If yes, that would be very, very dissapointing from a software that you consider to be your backup protection.


Can someone please shed some light on these cases, because my server is sitting unprotected now, regardless of everything I have tried. Is there something hidden on it now?

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Support is aware of a bug in version 8 where the Exchange Agent license doesn't apply properly to the Exchange database and backups of the Exchange database fails. It's evident in Exchange 2010 because that's the version where I'm currently having the issue. I've provided debug logs to support and am waiting for a fix. I don't know when the fix will be released, but have been told by Carly (Retrospect support) that I'll get an update by EOD today. If you have Exchange, wait on installing version 8.

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Thanks for the update. In your discussions with Retrospect you wouldn't know how it might affect Exchange 2007 and why I can't see anything now, would you?


The problem is I'm just testing 8.0 before buying so I don't think I can get support. But without a clear solution I don't plan to spend company money on something that might not work as desired.


Because as stated above, in my case even 7.7 doesn't see Exchange now, which got me really surprised.

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The thing is that I had Exch2007 working with 7.7, followed all steps, got MAPI, etc.


But after installing the 8.0 and the 8.0 client on the Exchange machine, now even downgrading to 7.7 doesn't see neither the databases or mailboxes. The only thing I haven't tried so far is restarting the Exchange server in between downgrading the client because I didn't have the opportunity for a restart.


So, Exch2007 is running client 7.7 right now, the backup server is running 7.7 and still nothing. All of this after trying 8.0. It worked fine before that.

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OK, I got this solved, sort of. If client 8.0 is giving you problems with Exchange and you want to go back to 7.7, here what you will have to do:

1. Open Services and stop the Retrospect Client (I did this manually just in case).

2. Open Add/Remove Programs (or Programs in Server 2008) in Control Panel and remove the Retrospect Client.

3. Delete the C:\ProgramData\Retrospect Client and C:\Program Files (x86)\Retrospect folders (Note: ProgramData is hidden, you will have to make hidden folders show).

4. Restart the Exchange Server (this is important, it didn't work without this step).

5. Install the 7.7 client.


Your databases and mailboxes should now be visible.

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No way I will try to mess with 8.0 yet, not after yesterday. :)


If we are talking only about file backup, I think it should work. The thing with client 8.0 was that it was not configuring Exchange as a Volume. But the partitions on the same Exchange server were reported as Volumes, browsable, etc. I didn't actually try to run a backup on them since I don't need them, but since they looked "normal" like any other working Volume, I guess it should work.


I am only sort of testing the program after using it in 2004-2007 when it was Dantz if I remember correctly, so I don't have too many clients to test. And after the Exchange scare I downgraded both the client on that machine and the server to 7.7 and I'm not touching it now.


In the next few days if I have time I might set up server 8.0 to a test machine, and try to backup another test machine with client 8.0 to see how it goes for file backup. And after I will try server 7.7 with client 8.0 like you say. If time allows me.


But no more blind confidence in Retrospect, which is really sad since I loved it when it was Dantz.

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The best thing to do is to follow the KB article on how to configure Retrospect to see Exchange. My guess is that you are using an account that doesn't have a mailbox on the serve ror the mailbox is not initialized.See the following KB for more details: http://kb.retrospect.com/articles/en_US/Retrospect_Article/Exchange-Backup-Requirements/?q=exchange&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1


This has always worked for us, except for version 8. Version 8 also requires .Net 4 to be installed on the Exchange server.

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