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Exclude Rules do not work.

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Upgrading from Retrospect 6 to Retrospect 9.


All set to go except for rules.


Include rules work just fine.


Exclude rules based upon an name or a path do not work except at the top level. Sub-level exclusions do not work

at all. Example


Rule: Exclude any folder with a name that contains "Parallels."


File Tree in a user folder made as a favorite folder:


Applications (Parallels) [Not backed up]

Desktop [backed up]

Documents [backed up]

Documents/Parallels [backed up]

Downloads [backed up]


Etc. Etc.


The rule excludes the "Applications (Parallels)" but not "Parallels" located inside the "Documents" folder.


Customer support says it's an OS problem, and there is no solution. (Why is this not mentioned anywhere in the "known issues or release notes?)


We have extensive exclusionary rules. So this is a big problem.


Has anybody figured a work around?


We may abort this upgrade and get a refund if not fixed.


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Are you sure the files in the sub-folders are being backed up? The directory structure will show all files however only the files with a green checkmark are actually being backed up. If they do not have a green checkmark then they are not being backed up and your exclusion rule is working properly. This was a major change from 6 where it would only show the files that were backed up and not the entire directory structure.

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