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Retrospect 7.7.620

Windows XP


My IT Manager has been running nightly backups on several volumes for months. Apparently he has NOT been saving snapshots. Yesterday an entire volume got deleted by mistake and I just want to restore it back to the state it was in when it was last backed-up. How do I do this without a snapshot? Can I create a snapshot from the catalog file somehow? Or is there another way to restore the volume to it's last known state?

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You could try to restore the "sessions" for that volume, starting with the oldest ending with the latest.


That would restore all the files, but also:

Renamed files will be restored under both old and new names.

Moved files will be restored to both their old and new folders.

Deleted files will be restored.

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I contacted support and they provided me with the solution. "Find Files" and then search for the exact volume name. Once all the files are selected, click on "Options" and filter the data to only show most recent items (ignore older files). Then bring this back. It appears to do what I want.

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