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Error: Can't use backup client: Version too old ().

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I just downloaded and installed Retrospect 6 Workgroup on both my Server (Mac OS X 10.2.8) and Client (10.3.2). Now when I try to configure the client, Retrospect can see it on the network (Responding) but I get the following error dialogue when I try to connect.


Can't use backup client (name of client):

Version too old ().


This client must be updated to the current

version (6.0).


I've already tried un-installing and re-installing the client but that doesn't help either. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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You will need to upgrade your client licenses. Workgroup comes with 20 clients. If you currently have more then that logged in, you will need to "forget" the extra clients or upgrade your additional client packs.





That is not the problem. I'm dealing with one (1) Server and one (1) Client only.

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