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Desktop and multiple subnets - 1 real 1 virtual

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I think I've already RTFM'ed my way to the bad news but I'm hoping I've misunderestimated. I just bought Desktop yesterday but I think I might have goofed.


I have 2 Apple Powerbooks sometimes behind a router/vpn server with a Mac G3 that's always behind the router. Retro runs on the G3. Clients on the PB's.


Desktop does exactly what I want it to until I connect one of the PB's from outside via VPN. Then the Piton Multicast doesn't make it from the real subnet to the virtual. (Throwing fancy terms around here. Don't assume I understand them.)


It looks like it takes a Server license to get the feature I need to deal with the 2nd, virtual, subnet? Please tell me there's a cheaper way to get either the subnet or the direct addressing option enabled than buying a server license with a bunch of clients and features I don't need.

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I'll answer my own question....


Desktp won't cut it. Workgroup or Server is necessary to get the subnet broadcast option.


Then configure the subnet broadcast to the host at the other end of the host/network VPN as its full virtual address, ie:, and netmask


Works fine now. Retrospect finds me wherever I am, regardless of what the local network I'm on may be blocking, as long as my VPN client is running.

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