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strange startup delay/freeze

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Ever since installing Retrospect 5 version 5.0.205 and a Retrospect Client version 5.0.198 I have been getting 2 or 3 minute pauses in my boot process. What happens, after the happy Mac and march of extension icons across the bottom of the screen is that the desktop background/picture whatever and the menubar loads but then nada - no Icons, no menus in the menubar, no further nothing for several minutes. Then the rest of the desktop loads and things work perfectly fine. I have nothing in the Startup Items folder or the Servers folder.




And today, after doing my first backup using Retrospect Client to an OnStream Firewire Tape drive - which apparently went smoothly - at the next boot I got a total system freeze at the point of the empty desktop. Mouse wouldn't move and no further signs of life. Then booted into the OS9.1 All extension set and it loaded perfectly normally. So it looked like an exstension conflict.




At that point I launched Conflict Catcher and went through the long process of a Conflict test. First thing it came up with was the Retrospect extensions - seems to be a conflict *within* those needed by my Retrospect 5 app and OnStream Tape drive (supported by Retrospect and with its own Retro extension). Next I went on to see if anything else was involved and CC pointed to Microsoft OLE group. Huh? These have never given me a problem before. In fact my admittedly large extension set has worked perfectly till I installed Retrospect 5. The previous Retro 4.3x app never created a problem.




So I'm curious if anyone else has come across this issue and found a solution or workaround.












PM7600/PowerLogix G3 400 daughterboard


512Mb RAM




OnStream Firewire 30Gb Tape drive


ProMax FireMax Firewire pci card (no driver - just the basic OS firewire support extensions)

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