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NOT copying 'changed items' only

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For some reason, all my scripts, on all my retrospect 9 installs, on separate Macs, no loger copy only the changed items.


I am trying to have one way sync'd backups


I want to copy only the changed files from Drive A to Drive B, so I have an exact copy of Drive A on Drive B.


Can someone run me through how to redo these types of backups gain please.


Like I say, they worked fine, than, after no OS X up[dates, they no longer work.


Thank you.

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A "Copy" is not a "backup". That is both my own opinion and according to Retrospect's parlance.


OK, something must have changed.

I can't make out if you have installed any Mac OS X updates or not.

Have you changed "Ignore ownership" on either of the volumes? (Whatever they are set to, they must be the same.)

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  • Select the disk and choose File > Get Info.

  • Click the disclosure triangle next to Sharing & Permissions to expand that section.

  • Observe the “Ignore ownership on this volume” checkbox.

The script option says "Overwrite matching files". That sounds like matching files are being copied again. But I haven't used "Copy" in Retrospect 9, so I don't know what the option actually does.

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Hi Lennart,


I have tur
nore ownership
for a while to see if that makes any difference.

of Retrospect is unclear IMO as
Overwrite matching files
" should mean "
replace with a newer version of the file if the one on the source is newer than the destination
". I do not believe this is what Retrospect is doing :-( anymore :-( since v6.



Hi Dave,


"DATA" and "LEEDS DATA BU" are both on
hard drives directly connected to the Engine host computer (Mac Pro).
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I have turned ignore ownership on for a while to see if that makes any difference.

Did you change that on both the source drive and the destinations drive at the same time?


Otherwise, Retrospect will see the metadata on all files as different and copies all files (again).

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So, If I have Observe the “Ignore ownership on this volume” checked on all the Drives...

  1. Retrospect will only backup files that have a date modified since the last backup ?
  2. Modification of the permissions of files will be ignored by Retrospect ?

Is that correct ?


I ask because we often have to repair permissions on files or folders (on Mac OSX, DROPBOX, etc, all types of reasoning), and I don't want that to add to my backups.

​I only want files that are date modified since the last Retrospect Backed to be backed up.



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