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Cannot backup certain mounted sharepoints


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If you specify a sharepoint as a source Retrospect will automatically mount it. Since the sharepoint has already been mounted outside of Retrospect and since two volumes can not have the same name Retrospect is mounting the share as <sharename>~1 thus making the source unavailable to Retrospect.

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I am having the same issue. The Unity shares need to be mounted by the Unity Fibre Manager -- as far as I know, there is no way to mount them from inside Retrospect -- am I wrong?


You are not wrong (Daniels: this a SAN setup, not an SMB/AFP file share). Since a utility is required to mount it, it can't be done from within the Retrospect software. But Retrospect won't even allow browsing the path with the share connected which would resolve this issue. To the system this is the same as an external drive (shows up under /Volumes) so I'm not sure what Retrospect is seeing that is causing it to not work.

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