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How do you exclude certain files from Restores from Archive?

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For the life of me I can't figure out how to exclude certain file types (in my case, specifically, .DS_Store files) from restores from a tape media set.


Any suggestions / solutions?


I'm using Retrospect 9.0.2 Mac on Mac OSX Server 10.6.8





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Retro 8/9 is nowhere near as convenient as Retro 6.1 was in selecting/excluding files for restoring.


I assume you're trying to restore from a snapshot. You will first need to go to Retrospect> Preferences and create a new rule that includes/excludes your desired files. Then, rather than using the Restore Assistant, go to the Scripts window and create a restore script that uses this rule. While a bit clunky, it should work.

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Hi Tim


Thanks for that will give it a go tomorrow and see what happens.


RE: your comment: yes: Retrospect 6.1 was a lot easier to use in that regard. It's a shame R9 doesn't have an easy 'exclude' option.


Thanks for the tip



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