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Can't set script's schedule to AM

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I'm trying to create a script to run at 2:30 AM on Saturday & Sunday. But, whenever I create the script, set at 2:30 AM, when I move to another section in the GUI, then come back to the script, it's reset to PM?!?


Has anyone else experienced this?




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This usually happens to me if I accidently select the date on the calendar as today or a day in the past. If you are creating a schedule right now and its 9am and you are going along and setting the timing for the schedule and you want to set it to run every day at 6am, the script will not let you because you are attempting to schedule the first iteration to happen "today at 6am" which is in the past.

All you have to do is select the start date on the calendar as some point in the future.

Ya i know, its dumb. Retrospect should realize that you are building a daily script and just set the start date to the next possible morning.

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