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Need to back up SAN sharepoint-doesn't show up in Source list

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I would like to back up projects off an EditShare SAN (and similarly, an Avid Unity at a different office) using Retrospect 9 (multi-server). However, the mounted sharepoints don't show up in the Retrospect Source listing, though they are visible on the desktop. There isn't a method to connect as a regular user (i.e. not using the EditShare client), so it seems my only method as of the moment is to first clone to a local drive, then back up to tape from there. Ideally, I would back up to tape first, then restore to drive (to verify that the project was backed up successfully) and then archive both sets (tapes go offsite, standalone drive stays onsite).


Anyone come up with a workaround for a similar situation?

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Ugh-so the response from support was thoroughly unhelpful:

We have had other customers report that the Avid Unity SAN can not be seen by Retrospect. I do not remember any other customers reporting problems with the EditShare SAN but if it uses a method similar to Avid to store data, then I suspect they have the same problem.


Of course other software is able to see the volumes and work with them. It appears that Retrospect cannot for some reason. Anyone do anything similar?

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Are you using Retrospect to mount the shares or are you mounting them outside Retrospect? If the latter then Retrospect is probably mounting the share again and adding a ~1 to name and thus seeing it as a different share.


Is it un available to directory use the mounted folder outside Retrospect? Is there any document to reference about this?

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