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519 error on win98 clients


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I just purchased Retrospect 5.6 Workgroup. My network is as follows:


1) Win2k Professional - Erix Tape drive - Retrospect 5.6 Workgroup installed


2) Mac ibook 8.6os - client installed


3) win98se - client installed - cabled to network


4) win98se - client installed - wireless to network




The win2k and mac client machines both backup correctly. This makes me believe that the Retrospect install on the win2k machine is fine and its network connection is also ok.


Neither win98se machines will backup, both return -519 error after reading the directories and starting the backup. Both will backup as a share if I add the share to the win2k machine.


Therefore I believe there is a problem with the windows client software. I have read through the notes on troubleshooting a -519 error to no avail.




Any suggestions to get the retrospect client to work?





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I have tried a cross over cable to one of my win98se systems and that did not work, had a different error. I may not have change my win2k machine correctly, but I did not want to get to drastic, since I really need to backup the mac, and that is working.

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Well - I narrowed down my problem to a program called Cybersitter. This program is designed as a filter for internet access to log/prevent access to inappropriate content. I had this installed on one of my machines. I tried first just deactivating filtering and that didn't work. I then uninstalled this program and after rebooting, the client is now working to back up files.




I later identified an advanced option to allow me in Cybersitter to turn off filtering of a given port - so I am going to go back and try that to see if that will have the same effect. Will post another reply when I determine whether or not that also fixes the problem.

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