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Restore from other software than Retrospect 9

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I've been able to write to LTO-5 with Retrospect on a Mac OSX w/ 10.6.8 - I was wondering, future-wise, would anyone be able to restore the files from the LTO-5 tape which was written to with Retrospect with other software than Retrospect?


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Yeah- there currently isn't a ton of software that will do what you are saying. LTO-FS is one option, but has its limitations, and some applications (like BRU) say they will release their archive format to open source if they ever close shop. You could also use old fashioned CLI commands, but that robs you of a lot of the ease and flexibilty of an application like Retrospect. It's all tradeoffs.


Our decision was to use Retrospect for tape archives, but also keep a copy in machine readable format on standard hard drives (tapes go to storage, drives stay on site for fast retrieval).

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