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Restrict Operation to Overnight

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You could also write a regular backup script and set a script ending time.


Be aware, though, that the script ending time for either a regular or proactive backup script is a hard cutoff; the script or backup will just terminate in the middle of whatever it's doing. There is no wrap-up option as there was with Retro 6.


(Improved scheduling features akin to those in Retro 6 are high on the wish list for many of us.)

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Ok, Thanks for the info...... Does the hard cut create any known issues?

As far as I can tell, if Retrospect is in the middle of a backup, the file currently being backed up will be fully written to the backup media. The backup will then stop, and no comparison (if scheduled) will be performed. These are the only issues that I'm aware of.

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Thanks! Boy do I wish that they had kept the scheduling of version 6. What were they thinking? I have been pulling my hair out with the new version, not only does it keep resetting what I tell it in the scheduling panel.... it starts a backup WHILE I'M EDITING THE SCRIPT !!!! DUMB DUMB DUMB...


I'm using portable home folders on OSX 10.6, and syncing really gets screwed up if Retrospect is backing up when my users start logging in and syncing with the server, which never happened in v 6 since everything would nicely wrap up and stop when I told it to....

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