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Retrospect Backup Agent for Windows Workstations

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I have two and a half questions about this: :)


Firstly, where exactly are the installation files for Backup Agent? (I have both 7.7 Professional and 7.7 Server for Windows.)


I have read the instructions, but the files I have found so far only seem to open the Professional installation when I install them!


Can I download them, rather like the Disaster Recovery Disk?


Secondly, can I install the backup agent on a Windows 7 workstation that already has Professional installed, or will this cause a conflict?


Finally, for an extra point, is the Retrospect Disaster Recovery Disk specific to the machine it was created on, or will it work with any machine that has (or had) Retrospect installed on it?


(For example, does it copy driver files for installed SCSI adaptors, and will a Recovery Disk created on a Windows 7 Workstation work on a Windows server?)

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The workstation agent is known as the "Retrospect Client". It's included with the installer for the main application, or you can download it as a standalone installer here:


(The one you currently need is the "Retrospect Client for Windows 7.7.114".)


Not sure whether you can install both client and server on the same machine as I've never tried this.


For version 7.7 onwards, the Disaster Recovery process has changed. Instead of creating a disc specific to each machine, there is now a single disaster recovery boot CD to use with all Windows machines. The disc image for burning this is included with the professional / server installer (the full version you get after purchasing it, not the trial installer).


Also included with the main installer is a "User Guide Addendum" PDF which details the new features of version 7.7, including the disaster recovery process. (The base "User Guide" was written for version 7.5, which used the old 'specific-disc' process.)

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Thank you! I was missing the obvious, looking for installation files in the application. Doh. :wacko:


That seems to have worked anyhow, and I have installed it on a workstation with Professional already installed without any problems - so far.


My next task is to work out how I can confine the backup to a specific folder.


I see it is posible to exclude ndividual drives and folders one by one, but I only really need to back up the Windows Mail Folder, and possibly My Doccuments, although everything of importance is kept on the server for centralised backup.


I am also slightly puzzled by Retrospect's actions after backup. From what I understand it is possible to set Retrospect so that it shuts down the computer when a backup is completed. That is handy for night time backups, but is it possible to set different actions for (say) a lunchtime backup?


In other words, is it possible to set different preferences for each backup?



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