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File permissions backed up but not file *owner*

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Retrospect has the ability to backup and restore not only files and folders but NTFS permissions. However, it appears Retrospect does not backup (or restore) the owner of the files and folders. Instead it seems to set the file and folder owner as the user under which Retrospect is being run -- in my case administrator. This means that if I am using Microsoft-recommended file and folder permissions for redirected home folders ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/274443 ) that when the restore of the data finishes the user who used to own the folder no longer owns it and cannot access it.


With around 500 users at our company this means that after the Retrospect restore for their 500 home folders finishes I have to go in and change the owner of each of 500 home folders to the correct user so the user can access their data.


Does anyone know of a better solution to this problem, or is there a way to make Retrospect restore data with the correct owner?



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