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Don Lee

Logs are incomplete on crash

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Running Retro


Several times now, I have seen crashes of the engine when a number of activities were active. The log(s) end up containing absolutely no indication that these activities started. The only record that I have that anything happened is the email sent by the engine, and the results of the activities - like the content of the media sets.


It is distressing that any activities that were active at the time of the crash do not appear - at all - in the retrospect logs. I consider this a bug. Logs should contain a complete picture of activity. It is highly undesirable that they are "unreliable", which retro logs are, in the face of engine crashes.


I would presonally much prefer a retro log that has each line tagged with the activity thread, and may be written in a non-obvious order. This would make the log hard to read, but would allow the engine to insert log entries *immediately* at all times, so the log would be useful for debugging. It is not a big deal, at least for me, to have to sort the log to see the activity by thread. The way it is, it appears that the engine buffers all the log output until the script is complete, with the result being that the activity does not appear in the log AT ALL if it crashes.

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I consider this a bug.

Retrospect has long had an issue of delays in sweeping information from whatever internal buffer it's using to the log. In Retrospect 6 and earlier, if a running script had a lot of sources and the backup computer experienced a crash, the log would often fail to list many backups that had actually completed before the crash, let alone the one that was in progress at the time of the crash. In this regard, Retro 8/9 has actually been improved.


While what you're asking for is quite reasonable and would be helpful to many, i suspect that Retrospect (the company) would probably consider it a feature request rather than a bug.

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UBD - never mind. Thought I had a new incident of this, but it's not what I thought. (too bad I can't delete this new entry....)

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