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backup halts for response to warning


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Hello Members...Anthony Jaxon from Los Angeles, CA USA here.


I am running Retrospect 6.5 on our 2003 Server. We want to backup a number of work stations in the servers domain.


This works fine with one caviat. If one of the work stations is turned off, Retrospect throws up a message that the volume cannot be accessed. The exact message is "sorry, server login failed, error 1116 (can't access network volume)". Then it lists the server, volume and user...in every case, this computer is turned off. If I click on the ok button on the message, the backup will continue, otherwise the backup process halts and waits for a response.


It would be ideal to receive this warning in the history report and for the backup to continue. Is there a setting we can change so that the backup continues and we get this warning in the history report?




We are running MS Server 2003 R2 SP2, Enterprise Edition and Retrospect Single Server version 6.5.350. Our backup sets are on an Iomega (2 tb) Storage Center ix2 and we are assigning the volumes through Windows explorer under the company domain....we are not using the Retrospect Client on any of the work stations.


Any help greatly appreciated.




Anthony Jaxon

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After much experimentation I discovered the problem. It's sort of logical but not documented or immediately apparent.


Anyway, when I manually start a backup, it will halt with the error message if one of the source folders/volumes is not available...a condition when the work station is off.


If on the other hand I schedule a backup, it will only report on an unavailable folder/volume and continue with the backup. This is probably something everyone knew....except me.


Hope this saves someone some time.





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