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Set Price by Number of Client Licences - not by OS Alone

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The current pricing of Retrospect software is bizarre in my view.


Retrospect SBS Standard currently costs £261.00


Retrospect Single Server currently costs £359.00


If I want to be able to back up open files (which is what you do on a server), it would cost £315.00 extra if you were using SBS, or £709.00 extra (i.e. nearly treble) if you were not using SBS!


Meanwhile, Retrospect Professional, which uses exactly the same software as the above (bar the licence code), and backs up open files, costs just £60.00, but will not work on a server unless the licence code is changed. Can anybody explain this logic to me?


(All of the above are UK list prices, without tax.)


I chose not to use SBS 2011 as I didn't want or need Exchange Server, SQL Server, or any of the other bloat ware that comes with it. However, I am now finding that Retrospect want to charge me double the cost of a modest server for an add-on just to back up my open files (and to stop the error messages when backing up).


Can I suggest that for Server backup software, it would be much fairer, and more attractive, to price the software and/or add-ons by the number of licensed users on the server, rather than pricing by OS alone. That way a small office with (say) five users would pay less than a banking centre with several thousand.


Does that make sense?

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