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Retrospect doesn't seem to be able to wake drive for access

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Hi There,


I'm having intermittent issues where Retrospect can't access members in a backup set - it seems like it happens after hours or if I haven't logged into the server for a while.


Because of this, I'm beginning to suspect that the issue is because the drive enclosure (or drive) goes to sleep and Retrospect can't wake it for access?


Unfortunately, when Retrospect can't access the disk, it asks for new media and after waking the drive via OSX (clicking on it) Retrospect still insists it needs new media despite now seeing the drive and space available (1.6TB).


Does anyone know if Retrospect uses it's own method to wake drives or does it use OSX and OSX's Energy Saver settings? And more importantly, does anyone know how to get OSX or Retrospect to wake the drives?


Getting new enclosures won't really work as we use the same removable trays in a bunch of encloses and RAID's throughout the office.


Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated - environment details are:

- Retrospect 8.2.0 single server

- OS 10.6.8 Server

- Stardom iTank enclosures connected via Firewire 800

- Western Digital Cavier Green 2TB drives


We also run a differently nightly backup using 2x Stardom SOHO RAID enclosures connected via eSATA with no issues and have tried the offsite backup using eSATA on these single drive enclosures as well - but no luck.





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