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Retrospect backup set and cataloging - gone mad?

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I have created a new backup set for the 'non developer' laptops as the original 'laptops' backup set was getting too big and was failing to groom. I would like to transfer snapshots from the original 'laptops' over to 'non developer laptops', to reduce the amount of time/data required during backups... but I cannot get to transfer after it threw "Grooming Backup Set Laptops failed, error -808 ( key/refnum search failed)" errors.


I have tried to rebuild the catalog, but it creates the biggest file imaginable (i.e. it's half done and has a 24GB! catalog file) but will chew up the entire C: disk during the process and then fail to write it to disk.


I've also noticed when I cancel the process and it compresses the catalog file, the filesize actually increases?!


Has anyone else seen this behavior and know how I can rebuild the catalog and/or transfer this data?



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It is possible that the compression process takes up additional "temp" space during the actual compression. Once the file is compressed the size would go down dramatically. If this very big catalog fills the disk, then the catalog compression will fail.

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Hi Mayoff, thanks for the feedback. I rebuilt the catalog again but wrote it to a spare 1TB disk this time and it did work and it shrunk to about 8.1GB in size after compression.


I'm now copying over snapshots as orignally planned, so I'm back on track. Phew!


However, is the iffy grooming bug ever going to be fixed as it seems to fail on anythig other than a recently recycled backup set? Or any bug/feature updates to 7.7?


Also, is there a way of deleting files/folders from a backup set? I noticed some personal data (music, DS games etc) was being backed up from a laptop in our office, so I have added these file types to my 'ignore' selectors now. However, when I look at the session contents for that user the delete option is greyed out. The backup set isn't in use at the time...


Thanks, Richard

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