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file selection criteria are ignored by retrospect 7.6


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Hi All,


I've got a simple (proactive)backup plan where only important AVID project files needs to be backupped from a networked storage enviroment.

By the selection criteria i selected 'exclude everything except those files that meets the selection criteria like *.avb *.avp *.avs' but then

nothing is really backupped, although Retrospect says it run succesfully, and i end up with a backupset ~30MB large while the target files

are around 50GB and consisting AVID project data that needs to be backupped.

So that's a useless approach, and very scary because Retrospect 7.6 says it's all okay....while it's certainly not!!


If i use the 'include everrything and use the 'exclude file criteria' for files i do NOT want like *.mxf *.mov *.log which basically are large files that don't

need to be backupped and can be recreated from XDCAM discs, but are totally ignored by Retrospect!!,

I end up with a backupset in excess of 500GB that took ages to complete with tons of *.MXF and other files which i specfically selected NOT to backup.


I thought that Dantz was a serious contender in the Backup Bizz, but if a simple function like file selection critteria are not handled correctly by Retrospect,

i'm afraid that i cannot trust complex backup strategy's to Retrospect..... I doubt that this erratic behavior is solved in 7.7, but i give it a spin.... Unless someone

has a clue what's going wrong here?


I've included a screendump with the selected file criteria, while in the back, you see that it's backing-up mxf files....





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Looking at your selection criteria you are using 'and' where you should use 'or".

For example: looking at the first two lines you are saying "exclude files which name matches pattern *.log and which name matches pattern *.lck". Not one file has two extensions so this condition will never be true.

It should read "exclude files which name matches pattern *.log or which name matches pattern *.lck" etc etc.

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