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Dangerous miscommunication with tape drive

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Today, I ejected a tape member of Media Set A using the eject button on the tape drive (HP StorageWorks Ultrium 3000 SAS), which is my normal practice. I then inserted a member of Media Set B. I noticed that the drive did not cycle as it normally does when Retrospect is determining which tape is in the drive, so I went to the Storage Devices window in the Console, which indicated that the member from Media Set A was still in the drive! I then used the eject function within Retrospect to eject the tape from the drive. The tape ejected immediately, and after a short delay the Console showed the drive as empty. I then reinserted the tape member, but even after waiting several minutes, Retrospect did not scan the drive and the Console still showed the drive as empty. Clicking manually on Scan and Scan All had no effect. Clicking on the eject function within Retrospect ejected the tape even though the Console had shown the drive as empty. I reinserted the tape and still no joy. I then stopped and restarted the Engine, upon which the Engine immediately scanned the drive and the Console displayed the correct tape.


This issue previously happened at least twice before under Retrospect 8.2 with a different tape drive and interface (HP StorageWorks Ultrium 960 SCSI). During the first occurrence, unfortunately, I did not notice right away that Retrospect thought the ejected tape was still in the drive. As a result, it began backing up to Media Set B (the tape actually in the drive) while thinking it was backing up to Media Set A. When I discovered the problem, of course I needed to rebuild the catalogs of both media sets. After this happened, I was careful always to manually check which member was indicated as being in the drive whenever I swapped tapes. After upgrading to Retrospect 9.0.1, I relaxed my surveillance, thinking/hoping that the problem had been fixed (I'm currently running 9.0.2), but I clearly need to remain vigilant.

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