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Show instantaneous backup speed instead of average?


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A previous Retrospect version had a registry change that would cause the Activity monitor to show actual current backup speed rather than average speed.


Is this feature also in 7.7 for Windows? If so, could someone please post the change?




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In 7.7 it clearly sows average speed. I can see when my regular backup hits a directory with lots of very small files and the tape starts to shoeshine, the speed may drop by 0.1 at best. This is late in the backup. For the two minutes it takes to do that directory, the speed is less than half the rest, but that change doesn't show on the activity page.


I don't think Retrospect ever published that change. I found it in a forum posting and implemented it.

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Like I said, I can tell you for a fact that no registry change exists to change how Retrospect displays performance.


I do remember an old registry change that could increase the buffer sizes for specific types of tape drives. That would sometimes increase backup speed, but that is totally a different.


All old form posts still exist in this forum. I would love to see the post you remember reading.

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