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3 minute delay after tape drive cleaning - console hang

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Try this at home. Retrospect 9.0.2. Mac OS X 10.6.8 (engine host)

HP storage works DDS USB drive (DAT72)


Write a tape media set that has more than one tape.


When you get to the end of the first tape, put a cleaning tape into the drive.


When the cleaning is done, inset the next tape.


Go to the "activity" window, and click on the little "choose media" button.


Select the tape icon under the drive. (drive says "empty")


Click OK


Wait at least 3 minutes, and watch the SPOD. Suppress the urge to be impatient. Have lunch.


Eventually, a dialog comes up saying that the "drive is empty" (it's not)


After that, things work fine, the drive sees the tape, etc.

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Interesting new behavior. During the "sleep time" between the drive cleaning, and the time the drive/engine wake up again, I saw that the media selection window is blank - showing neither the CD drive, nor tape drive. A screen shot is here.


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