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8 AM assert for you

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I set up my production backups on Retro (engine on Mac OS X 10.6) yesterday, and put my backup sets on an AFP volume (shared storage with the old backup server. Old server exporting the disk via AFP) I watched retro run until bedtime. It was pretty busy. The console response was sluggish and slow, but working.


When I got up this morning, Retro had clearly crashed at 8 AM, judging from the "startup" in the Retro log, but some operations that had clearly happened (files in media sets, but nothing in the log about the script(s) that put them there)


There was a retro 6.1 rebuild active, and a list of backups that ran overnight. Judging again from the log, it looks like the backups were so sluggish that they did not finish, by 6 am, triggering the "stop" time to terminate the scripts (?)


I don't know what happened in detail. I am only judging from the logs.


The log and the assert log (attached) are included below.



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