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How to limit size of backups - Grooming?


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I have a disk that I use for backups, and want to limit the amount of size used by Retrospect. Do I need to create a partition on it, or is there some parameter I can use. Right now it is filling up a 160GB external disk, which I'd like to share with some other backups.


I saw the "grooming" option, and how to make a script that will groom, but no informationon what that means. What will my grooming script do when it runs?


I also saw that I can "forget snapshots' in a backup set, but what does that mean? I don't need to keep many versions of a file over a year, but don't want to delete some snapshot that may contain the only backed up copy of a file either.


With MSoft backup, I can give it a maximum backup file size, and it will manage versions within that limit. Any way to do that with Retrospect?

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Thanks - I don't see that option, can you indicate where it is?


And Grooming - what does it do? I ran a grooming script, no obvious impact. I was expecting the script to have some options, how much to get rid of, etc, but didn't get any such options in creating it.

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I am not near my computer which has Retrospect installed for some days. So I cannot give you step by step instructions. But I believe it is a setting for a disk backup set member. Because a disk backup set can contain more than one member it is an individual member setting. In your case you should have one member. Look at it's properties.

What happens while grooming is also specified in the backup set settings. You can set it to groom according to Retrospect policy or for example specify that you only want to keep the two latest backups.

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