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"Past Backups" anomaly

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The Retro 9.0.1 Past Backups window displays a listing of recent backups. This listing appears to be a composite of the backups that are listed for each of the individual media sets in the Media Sets> Backups pane.


It was my understanding that the listing for any particular media set should retain data about the most recent backup for each source, plus any earlier backups that had been manually retrieved. However, we're finding that this is true for maybe only half of our sources. For the remainder, there are more backups listed than we expected: anywhere from one to 15. In almost all cases, the "extra" backups are quite recent—within the past month or so.


There is no obvious pattern as to which sources have extra backups listed. Extra backups appear for all three of our current media sets, though a few more seem to be listed for our one disk backup set than for either of the two tape backup sets. They don't seem to relate to the particular backup script or type of script (proactive or regular).


While there might not seem to be a big problem with Retrospect retaining data about a few extra backup sessions, I find any kind of anomalous behavior in important software applications such as Retrospect to be disturbing. Has anyone else seen this?

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