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Backup to SSD Hard Disk

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You will only get USB 2 speed, so why spend a lot of extra money on an SSD? Get a bunch of cheap mechanical drives instead.


It's for daily off site backup. The units must be small (this unit is 98x65x17mm and weight 70gr. Similar in size to an AIT2 tape) and must be solid to support daily transport from company to home storage and vice-versa. Not sure if a mechanical is best suited. Now, I am using AIT2 tapes that no need to take any care for moving around. I have found a Transcend SSD18C3 for 130 Euros tax included. It's a 128G SSD unit. An 80GB AIT2 tape cost 45 Euros so if you take in account that there is no need to invest in a tape unit economically is not so bad.

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I just checked amazon.de. You can get a 320GB pocket drive for €55. When powered off, they are perfectly safe for moving around.


I'm thinking of Apple's "Sudden Motion Sensor", which makes the hard drive withstand a drop:


When the drive is powered off, the heads are parked (just like they would be when that sensor goes into action).

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