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Proactive polling..!?

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Hi, today I'm checking over my Proactive backups after a change to what machines use this system and after monitoring the Sources it just seems to jump through machines which have not been on our network for a while. I have changed a few settings but I can't get it to go right through the list.


Can anyone advise me on what settings I need to set as I'm only backing up 3-6 machined a day, when I should be doing many more in the 8 hour wokring day!


It reaches on machine where the user deferrs the back and starts at the top of th elist again!?


Thanks, Rich

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Install of the latest client didn't fix the issue, so I'll look further after the Easter break here. might have to delete his account and start over to sort it as ther eis nothing on his laptop to cause this...


This software would be so much more efficient if multiple proactive searches could b active at the same time, it spends more time bouncing through a list than actually backing up!



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