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Can't add smb share as media set?

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I am running Retrospect 9.0.1 on MacOS 10.7.3, trying to set up a media set on a remote network share.


I go to the Media Sets pane, click Add, choose Share, and enter a path like this:




(The same failure occurs with any subset of the path, as far as I can tell; stripping back just to the /ifs point also fails.)


I then enter my username and password, and click on Add.


I don’t get any errors, and nothing is logged, but the server never appears in the media sets pane. It is mounted (though apparently only accessible to the root user), and it does appear in the Sources pane. (I haven't tried backing up from it, since I really want to use it as a backup destination, not a source.)


Any thoughts? Tracing the execution of the engine and application didn't reveal any failing system calls; I see the engine accessing the top-level directory, looking at a '.snapshot' directory within it, and not continuing further.

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I reached out to Retrospect support, and they pointed me to the following Youtube video tutorial:




There are steps shown here that are not in the written documentation. Retrospect really should revise their written documentation, and add a link to a portal with these videos in the written documentation.

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