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Stuck on Building Snapshot

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When backing up the C: drive of a Windows 2008 Server the copying of the files completes but Retrospect is stuck on Building Snapshot. Eventually after several hours the C: drive of the backup server becomes full and Retrospect aborts the backup and deletes the temporary files freeing the space on the backup server. I have been backing up this server for many months before this problem occurred. Yesterday I applied the latest update to Retrospect, but that changed nothing. All of my other servers are backing up correctly. What can be done?

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When "building snapshot", Retrospect is creating a copy of the Windows' registry. This copy is stored on C: and is backed up and then removed. If there is an inconsistency in the registry, this "create" operation will fail. I have NO idea how to check the Registry, but I guess some Windows savvy person can step in.

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I've checked the registry and the event log on the server being backed up and I can't find any indication of a problem with the registry. I ran an immediate backup with the Backup System State option turned off and the backup completed successfully. So we know the issue is related to backing up the registry but we don't know why or how to fix it.

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The problem on the client appears to be pcpds.exe process; which will use 50%+ of client CPU. I opened a support ticket in Dec 2011; and since the support Team could not reproduce it is not a problem. The fact it can take a day of Building Snapshot, and the logs show it (Hours of idle time), it must not be a real problem; otherwise the support team could reproduce it.


The prescribed solution was to re-install OS. Good answer.


The real answer is likely the fact pcpds.exe runs 16-bit code; and a whole lot of thunking is going on; and noticed an obsure error to increase FILES (from config.sys MS_DOS days); the setting of 200 was not large enough.

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Richy and Multi...have you had any other experience with this issue?


I am seeing it more and more for some reason - proactive backups of Win7 Clients. Building Snapshots on two of the jobs is not on it's 3rd day.


When I try to stop the job...nothing happens. I eventually have to stop and restart the service...but have to wait for other jobs to finish.


What is meant by 'until discovered'?


From what I see, the jobs start to build a snapshot, then during that time the client shutsdown or disconnects the notebook....thus hanging the process on the server side. (And I can't even 'stop' it.).


Any help is appreciated.

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