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Multiple backup scripts to same backup set


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I have multiple backup scripts I start manually. They all go to the same target backup set. Starting the first script works without a problem. The second script fails to start. I get the error message "target backup set in use". So I have to wait for the first one to finish before starting the next. This has been the case with Retrospect 5.0 onwards. Now using version 7.7 Professional it still does the same thing.

Recently I installed the iOS app for Retrospect on an iPad. If I start the second backup script from within the app the backup script starts without a problem. It gets added to the waiting section of the activity monitor and it's status becomes "waiting for backup script x to finish", x being the first backup script.

Could the behaviour of the main program be fixed so it behaves the same as the iOS app? If the target backup set is being used by another backup script just let the backup script wait for the other script to finish in stead of refusing to start the script with the "backup set in use" error?

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You can have many backup scripts pointing to a single backup set; however, once the backup set is in use by one of the backup scripts, it is essentially locked until that script completes. Each pending script must wait it's turn to complete after that - it's a linear backup process so you can only have one backup script/job running at a time.


That said, why not use proactive backups instead? They do the same thing, but then you don't have to run them manually - just set up the time frame that you want them to run (like 7:30A-4:00P) or if you want them to run after hours (4:30P to 6:00A). That way the scripts will do there thing on their own and you won't have to wait for them to manually complete before you can start the next one.

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I know that only one backup script at a time can write to the backup set. My problem is that on the PC I cannot start anonther script which uses a specific backup set if that backup set is used by an already running script. It will not start at all and stops with an error, but it should just start and wait until the other backup script is finished and frees the backup set.

If I start the backup script from my iPad it works the way I want it to, so why it behaves differntly for two different interfaces (PC / iPad).

Proactive backups are not possible with the Professional version.

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Have you made sure that both scripts are using the same thread? Your issue might be that the second script is trying to execute on a different thread than the first one thus causing the second one to not wait. You can usually specify which thread you want to use in the script's properties. If you really only need one thread you should change Retrospect's preferences to have a maximum of 1 thread.

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