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Rebuild Catalog but I'm missing media

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I am trying to rebuild my catalog but 2 media members are missing. I add all of the members into the new 'catalog' that is to be rebuild except the missing members.

When the rebuild reaches the missing members, the media button asks for the missing items - even though they are not part of the set I added to the catalog rebuild.

There is no 'skip' or 'mark as lost' or any other tool like this it seems to allow the media catalog to be rebuilt.

Please help!


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This sounds like a bug. Try this workaround: enter the members up to the point just before the first missing member and run your Rebuild. (You may have done this already if you saved the partially rebuilt catalog.) Then perform a Repair of this partially-rebuilt catalog, which will cause Retrospect to ask for the subsequent members.


If you had enabled Fast Catalog Rebuild for this media set, you should theoretically be able to rebuild the entire catalog from just the last member. I say "theoretically" because we have found that sometimes Retrospect hasn't written the currently-existing catalog to the beginning of each member, as it's supposed to when this option is enabled. We back up all catalogs weekly to give ourselves a closer starting point so we can always perform a repair rather than a complete rebuild, even when the Fast Rebuild option goes haywire.

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Thanks for the advice. I am working through this now. Will post the outcome here. It has taken days of my life so far trying to 'save' this backup set. Cheers.

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