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Backup set corruption


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Retrospect 7.7.620 64-bit, windows server 2008 64-bit.


I have two servers, each one with two RAIDs, both formatted to RAID5. One has a single LUN of ~2TB and the second has 3xLUNs of abour 4.2 TB and a fourth of about 2.8 TB.


I use the small RAID to store my disk set catalog files and I span my disk backup sets across the 4 LUNS in the second RAID.


The problem that I am experiencing is backup set corruption. Almost always in the catalog file but occasionally with "missing" files inside the disk set itself. I put missing in quotes because when I attempt to rebuild the catalog files it will allow me to browse for the missing file and when I find it, in the correct directory, retrospect still indicates that the file is missing. :-/


My main problem is with corruption in the catalog files. I purchased the smaller RAIDs in order to be able to store the catalog files on a location other than the boot disk (which, due to circumstances beyond my control is rather small). I did THIS because the disk catalog file rebuild process requires a TREMENDOUS amount of scratch space, and also because I hate tape drives attached to both machines and tape catalog files are rather large.


Each of my 8 disk sets has each of the 4 LUNS on the larger RAID as 'members.' Every once in a while, a set will show 0% free in one of the four members, when the disk actually has space. If I double-click on the member, the "skip this member" box is not checked, and the window that pops up DOES indicate the free space. When I click OK and get back to the 'members' tab in the disk set, though. the free space remains at 0%. Usually any attempt to back up to this set gives me a "catalog file out of sync" error. Occasionally when I "rebuild from disk" using "all disks" for the corrupt set, the resulting catalog file will STILL give me "out of sync" errors.


I want to know when this problem will be fixed in the application. I know it's not my hardware since I am seeing the problem on two different servers...

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When will the catalog file corruptions stop PERIOD! Can't speak for blm14's particular issue, but my catalog files get corrupted all the time. All of my backup sets are using the "groom to default retrospect policy" option. However, when the catalog file is corrupted, no grooming takes place and the set fills up and then just becomes uselss - it just shows "waiting for media". So I then go to do a manual groom and at some point Retrospect crashes when it gets to whatever point in the catalog is bad. These crashes in turn then usually end up corrupting something else that might be currently backing up or already grooming. It's a vicious cycle and I'm kind of fed up. CRASHPLAN is looking awfully tempting right now.

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