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Can't Add That Much to a Backup Set Error.

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Running 9.0.1(401) on a 2011 2Ghz i7 MacMini Server with 8GB of RAM. Backing up to an external 2T G-Raid Drive formatted as HFS+ Journaled and attached via FW800. I have two scripts, one is a Proactive and the other is a simple Backup script. I have setup a few machines around the office and have specified their user folders as favorites. I then added those favorites to my two scripts. When I start the backup of either script, and not matter which machine starts off the backup, it always errors out on the first machine and says something like this:



Normal backup using Mobile at 3/16/12 (Activity Thread 1)

To Backup Set HD Backup...

- 3/16/12 9:46:40 PM: Copying beth on Beth Moline's iBook

#Can't add that much data to Backup Set

(limited to 1,024 GB)

3/16/12 9:53:16 PM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 484 files, 7.2 GB

Completed: 0 files, 0 B

Performance: 0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:06:36 (00:06:35 idle/loading/preparing)



I have also gone so far as to uninstall all clients and application files from all machines and then re-installed everything. I get the same error.


Anyone have any hints?

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Backing up to an external 2T G-Raid Drive...

Actually, Retrospect doesn't back up to a hard drive volume; it backs up to a Media Set, which may be stored on a hard drive volume.


Retrospect has long had a limit of 1TB for File media sets. My guess is that's your problem. Create and use a Disk media set instead.

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Sets are limited to less than 1TB (1024 GB) in size.


I ended up splitting the backup set into multiple media files. i.e. Homefolders A-K, and J-Z, as well, I pulled the High Volume users into their own backup set.


I have no idea if Retrospect is working on this, if it's a physical limitation… perhaps file a tech support request and see what they say. I'd be curious to know. I worry I'm going to end up with media sets for each letter of the alphabet as time goes on.

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