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Advice on Windows7 Folders to Back Up


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Retrospect Professional 7.7 is making daily, weekly and monthly backups of all my data files on a new HP Windows7 notebook. There is a learning curve for setting up Retrospect 7.7 but the UTube videos were quite useful on how to use the software.


Question: Should I back up any of the Windows folders and application program folders?


My question is on what to do next, if anything. It was quite time consuming to install all my application programs and configure them. I downloaded an image of the Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD. I am comfortable restoring individual files. If I have another hard drive failure, I would involve a PC repair facility. Basically, I wish to backup any files they might need.


Thanks for any comments.



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Unless you're planning on trying to do a full bare metal recovery (which we've never had much luck with), there "should" not be any need to backup Windows files or application folders unless you know for a fact that data gets store there. We purposely filter out C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86), C:\ProgramData, C:\System Volume Information, C:\Temp, C:\hiberfil.sys, C:\$Recycle.Bin, and any other folders that don't have user data. However, We do know that Lotus Notes by default stores local replica's and archive data in the program files directory, so we do back that particular folder up.


Here's the backup selector we use (channge it from a .txt to .rxx). You might need to tweak it some for your own liking (we also filter out some things like .mp3, .vhd, .flac, etc since this is work environment, but in general, this will back up just about everything on your computer, except for the Windows directories and most program files.

Non-Windows Retrospect Selector.txt

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