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Backup Scripts Lost


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Restore the last working "config80.dat" file from your backup, stop the engine, replace the "wrong" version with the backed up version, then restart the engine.


If you never backed up the "config80.dat" file, then you will have to readd your scripts/clients, locate your media sets, etc...

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OK I found it. There is one marked Config80.dat.bad and is replaced by a new one. How do I restore so the scrips show up in the program?

If there is a file called Config80.bak and it's dated from prior to the time you began experiencing problems, you could try stopping the Retrospect Engine, removing the existing Config80.dat file, and restarting the engine. However, if, as is most likely, Config80.bak is more recent, and you don't have a recent good backup of Config80.dat, you are out of luck; you'll need to recreate everything from scratch.


We back up Config80.dat as part of our normal backups, and also periodically copy the file to another local hard drive volume so that a good copy is always readily available.

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If the system renamed the old file as bad then if I restore it, wouldn't I just be putting a bad file back in place. I do have a backup of it as I backup to an external drive. I have three backups to choose from.

Personally, I would first choose a backup from a few days ago. If this version is also bad, try any of the others; you've nothing to lose.

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