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Cannot unlock storage set.

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One of our storage sets is locked and cannot be unlocked.

You use the term "StorageSet" which I think has not been used since Retrospect 4.3. Is that an old version StorageSet or is it a v.8/9 Media Set?


If it is a recent Media Set, are you sure you have entered the correct password? When was the last time you accessed this Media Set?

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I realize this is an old thread, but here's what worked for me on Retrospect 10.2 on a Mac...

I was having the very same problem where the password would not be accepted to unlock a media set. (This after entering a paid license code on an expired trial version. Maybe the cause?)


It took rebuilding the media set. The result looked scary at first because it appeared that all the old backup data was lost (0 files, 0 space used) but scripts started to work again. Then, at some point, the tally of the old data files/space reappeared.



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