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backup client/firewall question


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I know this is most likely a windows problem, but I figured I'd ask anyway.


anyone else find that the hole in the windows firewall for the retrospect backup client closes up on its own? I can go two or three weeks with a good backup client connection. then, all of a sudden, the firewall (win 7 pro) refuses to let traffic pass to the client. I'll go to the firewall, and the entry for retrospect is missing. I'll recreate it, and two or three weeks later it happens again.


I'm going over to the windows forums now to find out if this is happening elsewhere in general. but I figured I'd start here, because the only program affected is the retro backup client, and perhaps someone else has had the problem...



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No idea why that would be happening unless you have a Group Policy Object set to allow or deny specific firewall settings which is set to renew every couple of weeks.


If there is a GPO in place, with Win 7, it will still appear as though uou can still modifiy the firewall rules (it will let you configure them and save them, etc.), but the underlying GPO settings will still take precedence over any local changes that you make. To view your systems Resultant Set of Policies, you'll need to add a group policy management console snap in to your system and review the firewall settings. Alternatively, you can run RSOP from an elevated command line which will bring up the Group Policy Management console just type "RSOP" without any quotes and press enter.


We had a similar issue - we actually had to allow the retrospect service through the firewall via GPO as the ports and programs are restricted by default.

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