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We are currently running Retrospect 6.1 and LTO 2 - old, I know. So we're upgrading to LTO 5 and have bought Retrospect 8.

Obviously, for continuity's sake, we'd like to be able to use Retrospect 8 to reference and see all the database information from Retrospect 6.

Is this possible and if so, how?



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In order to access the Retro 6 data, you will need to rebuild the catalogs in Retro 8/9, which of course would mean running all your LTO 2 tapes from end to end. This is needed because the Retro 8/9 catalogs are in a format that is, to use an old Retrospect phrase, "too different."


Since you cannot read LTO 2 tapes in an LTO 5 drive anyway, you may prefer to do what we did and keep your entire old setup ready for restores from the previous backup data, so as to avoid the time-consuming catalog rebuilds.


By the way, how did you obtain Retro 8? The current shipping version is Retro 9.0.1, which offers significant improvements over Retro 8.2, and is what I would recommend. (Avoid Retro 9.0.0, which, while offering some bug fixes, introduced a few new ones on its own.)

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