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Show files on a certain member?


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Is there any way to show what files happen to be on a certain backup set member?


I have a backup set which is an archive and throwing errors for one tape when I'm trying to restore a few files. I have a set of clones at home (thankfully, assuming they aren't messed up too) so I can probably get what I need, but I'd like to figure out what files are on this particular tape so I can restore all of them from my clones and then re-archive them to the other set on a new tape so I still have 2 copies. But it's a 5-tape set so I don't want to have to restore the entire set and figure it out myself by comparison to the catalog, especially since it's taking several minutes for Retrospect to try to restore each bad file (it gets stuck "Locating" while the tape flies back and forth, and then finally it finally gives up with a "Trouble positioning error" and then does it all again.)

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