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Tape to Tape Transfer Stops If Another Backup Runs


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One annoying problem I have is that in order to do a Grandfather-Father-Son backup, I use a script to transfer the most recent backups from a daily tape set to a weekly tape set. If in the middle of this transfer another backup runs that needs to use the tape drive, it causes the tape-to-tape transfer to stop (as according to the log one of the tapes unexpectedly unmounted).


The expected behaviour is that while the tape-to-tape transfer is running, Retrospect should not start any other backups requiring use of the tape drive. Or it should recognise that one of the tape drives is in use by another backup script and try again once it is no longer being used.


If order to do my weekly transfer now I need to manually reschedule all scripts and disable proactive backups. Very annoying!


Let me know if this is unclear!


Cheers, Chris W.

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